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When a seventy-something astrologer, well-known for his razor-sharp intuition and celestial insights, decides to get his first dog, he is in for the surprise of his life. You see, this Fox Terrier turns out to be a healer and a mind-reader. And the dog talks to his owner.

Join the journey of Mr. Darby and his owner whom he calls a lot of descriptive names as they both make major adjustments to each other. Like how to get Mr. Darby not to poo and pee in the house; fights about eating schedules—but most stand-offs are about control and manipulation. Just when you think you’ve heard everything, this 3 year-old terrier will have you laughing at yourself, crying in some parts and you might even get rip-roaring mad with his political bias.

About the Author:
Mr. Darby was born three years ago in Bloomfield, Iowa, one in a litter of seven. He came to live with his owner when he was five months old. A naturally mellow Libra with a curious Sagittarius moon, this Wire Fox Terrier is a healer and an intuitive who works in his owner’s practice. He lives in Sedona, Arizona—known as the Mecca of the Southwest—but he is available to pack his water and food bowls, bedding and treats to follow any rich bitch who comes along—but only to the Italian Riviera.

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