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Professor and political pundit Michael Eric Dyson said that Obama brought 'sexy brilliance to the White House.' I couldn’t help but wonder if Obama had a pet named 'Sexy Brilliance,' because surely Dyson wasn’t referring to Barack?!

Sexy Brilliance is not another historical narrative, but more of an observational journey; an attempt to widen your perspective, and show what is happening today to continue to steal your imagination, dreams, and ambitions.

About the Author:
Kevin Jackson is a fast rising star among political pundits. A former management consultant, Jackson is now a nationally known speaker, radio show host, and he has been called, 'the valedictorian of the latest class of political pundits.'

Jackson’s latest offering, Sexy Brilliance brings levity to the political discourse in this country. Jackson puts his comedic spin on what’s happening in America, and showcases the ironies and hypocrisies of politics in America.

Like his first book The BIG Black Lie, Jackson has created another satirical, political page-turner.

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